Surety Bond Authority’s Secured Guardianship Bond Service is Now Available in All 50 States

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Los Angeles, CA, Aug 7th, 2018 – Surety Bond Authority, Inc. has been successfully providing surety bond services to all corners of the United States for more than two decades. The company offers an extensive list of surety bond products and services that are geared towards helping people achieve their goals and obligations.

As an addition to its growing list of surety bond services, Surety Bond Authority, Inc. has announced today the release of their guardianship bond service to all 50 states. The company will provide guardianship bonds, which are required by the court, to various guardians – whether the court-appointed guardian is an individual or an agency.

Guardianship is provided to individuals who have diminished capacities (whether due to age or infirmity) to help them manage their affairs. Once guardianship has been granted by the court, the said guardian will have complete power over the ward’s physical and financial affairs.

Since the nature of the job can be quite risky, the court will ask for an assurance that the guardian will faithfully comply with the obligations established by the court, and not commit any acts that will deviate from those lawful obligations. The guarantee will be in the form of a guardianship bond.

The surety will help the guardian (principal) by extending its credit to the guardian and by guaranteeing the guardian’s faithful performance of the required obligations to the court.

“A guardianship bond is not a one-size-fits-all. The conditions vary. They are unique to the guardian and the underlying laws of a state that’s why we take extra care when explaining the bond to the guardian,” said Greg Rynerson, Surety Bond Authority, Inc.’s President.

In addition, the California-based company provides an enhanced bonding service that is aimed at delivering value to its clients. As Greg Rynerson explains, “While it is true that the process of obtaining a guardianship bond can sometimes be long and arduous, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved. And we have found a way to do just that.”

The entire transaction can be done online. Surety Bond Authority uses a digital management bond system that ensures a secured and fast bonding service. “We value our clients’ experience above everything else. We want to make sure that they will be comfortable in sharing with us sensitive information that is needed in the surety bond process,” Greg Rynerson continues.

When a guardian applies for the bond, Surety Bond Authority will ask the guardian to submit several documents needed for the prequalification process known as “underwriting”.

During this process, the guardian’s financial capacity, credit score, and performance history will be assessed among other things. Once those have been approved and the bond premium paid, the guardianship bond will immediately be issued.

“We continue to refine the surety bond process with objectivity and careful precision. We constantly seek ways to extend more support and terms to our clients. Surety bonds have been touted as a “risk-transfer mechanism”. We want to go a notch higher by making it a stress-transfer mechanism in the sense that we’ll take the burden out of our clients when obtaining a bond so that they can just focus on their obligations. We’ll make them feel that when they come to us, their bonding needs will be fully met,” Greg Rynerson, CPCU concludes.


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Surety Bond Authority, Inc. is one of the most trusted surety bond providers in the United States. The company has a proven track record of achieving exemplary results, even in high-risk cases. They are known for their expertise, passion, and unfailing focus in providing the best surety bond experience possible. For more information, visit

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