How to Effectively Turn Your Existing Clients Into Advocates

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How to Turn Your Existing Clients Into client advocate
An existing client who’s advocating for you can be more powerful than any ad on social media, a massive billboard in Times Square, or a 30-second long commercial during a Super Bowl broadcast.

It’s one of the biggest nods of approval your business will ever have.

But sadly, some businesses choose to focus on acquiring new customers rather than nurturing their existing ones to become advocates. This is not only costly but time-consuming as well.

But what is a client advocate?

A client advocate is an existing client who will recommend your business without being prompted. It could be publicly (i.e., on social media) or privately (i.e., during a dinner with close friends). This is the kind of client who will fight tooth and nail for your business. In other words, they are your business’s loyal fans.

Here’s the reality: client advocates don’t just happen. You have to put in the effort to turn an existing client into one. How?

Provide a great customer experience.

That’s it? Yes. It sounds simple, but it is not.

You’ve probably seen these phrases on different company websites:

  • A customer-centric company
  • A customer-focused brand
  • Wowing customers

And the list goes on and on. It is one thing to add it to a mission statement; embodying it and fulfilling that mission each day is another. Jeff Bezos said it best, “I have seen over and over again companies talk about being customer-focused, but really when I pay close attention to them, I believe they are competitor-focused, and it’s a completely different mentality.”


What are the ways to deliver a great customer experience?

  1. Empower your customers

Empowering means educating them about your products or services. Don’t hold back when you do. Your existing customers should be fully informed—from the basics to the complex.

A surety bond is not the easiest of topics to understand, that’s why we constantly provide information so that our clients will fully know what it means for them. For example, our Surety Bond e-book can be downloaded for FREE. Anyone can download it without providing an e-mail address or other personal information.

  1. Ask for feedback

One of the best ways to know if you’re doing a good job when it comes to providing a great customer experience is to simply ask your existing customers. It is important to value your customer’s time when doing so. Make a brief, straight-to-the-point survey, and provide choices.

Here are some sample questions:

  • Are you happy with our services?
  • Which of our services should we improve on?
  • How can we serve you better?
  • Based on your experience, would you recommend us to a relative or a friend?
  1. Provide excellent customer support

Did you know that “90% of respondents indicated that customer service is important to their choice of and loyalty to a brand”? That’s according to a Microsoft study.

If you don’t have one yet, establish a dedicated customer support team or personnel. They should be trained in handling customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints. No matter how great your product or service is, bad customer service will push customers to the competitor.



Turning your existing clients into advocates takes time, dedication, and thorough planning. But since you’re here, reading this post, it means that you have the dedication to do so, and that’s a good start. All you need now is to brainstorm ideas with your team then follow through.



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