DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists

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Obtain Medicare billing privileges through this bond!


What is a DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists?

It is a financial guarantee that the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires dentists to submit in pursuance to 42 CFR §424.57(c).

Dentists need DMEPOS-Medicare Bond in order to obtain and retain their billing privileges, as well as to prevent the revocation of their Medicare Provider Transaction Access Numbers (PTAN).

Dentists were previously excluded from submitting a surety bond. As of 2019, CMS started requiring dentists who are suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) to furnish a sufficient surety bond.

Every DMEPOS bond has three parties:

  • Principal – Dentist providing DMEPOS
  • Obligee – The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Surety – Surety bond company who will provide the bond


The Surety will serve as the financial guarantor of the Principal. Through this bond, the Surety is assuring CMS that the Principal will conform to the current DMEPOS supplier standards that have taken effect on September 27, 2010.

Since the Surety is the guarantor of the Principal, the Surety will be indebted to the CMS along with the Principal.

Included in the supplier standards is the settlement of any unpaid claims. Unpaid claims are overpayments made by the Medicare program to the DMEPOS supplier for which the DMEPOS supplier is responsible.

It includes accrued interest that is effective 90 days after the date of the notice sent to the DMEPOS supplier of the overpayment.

If a written agreement for payment is made, an unpaid claim will also mean a Medicare overpayment for which the DMEPOS supplier is responsible, plus accrued interest after the DME supplier's default.

This bond will cover the costs incurred by the CMS due to any unpaid claim, civil money penalty, or assessment imposed by CMS or the office of Inspector General plus accrued interest.

A DMEPOS surety bond for dentists must be obtained within 60 days of receipt of a formal notification from the CMS.




How does a DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists work?

A claim can be made against the bond by the Obligee if the Principal violates any of the bonded obligations—which includes the CMS supplier standards.

The Surety will not immediately pay a claim. It will first perform an independent investigation to check if the claim is valid or not, and if the claim is covered by the bond.

The Surety will interview the claimant and the Principal. Both have to present evidence that will rebuke and/or support the claim.

If the claim is valid, the Surety will pay the Obligee. Under the indemnity agreement, the Principal is required to repay the Surety after.


How much does a DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists cost?

The amount that you will pay for this bond (bond premium) will depend on your bond amount and your credit score.

Those who have excellent credit scores can pay as little as 1% of the bond amount.

The minimum bond amount is $50,000 per NPI for the following:

  • First-time Medicare program enrollees
  • A dentist making a change in ownership
  • A dentist who is responding to a revalidation or re-enrollment request
  • A dentist that seeks to become an enrolled DMEPOS supplier through a purchase or transfer of assets or ownership interest
  • A dentist enrolling in a new practice location


Elevated surety bond amount

Upon the discretion of the CMS, the DMEPOS supplier will be asked to submit a surety bond with an elevated amount.

The amount will be $50,000 per occurrence of adverse legal action within 10 years before enrollment, revalidation, or re-enrollment.


How to Get a DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists

We’ve created a simple, fast, and secure surety bond application process. Everything will be done through our secured digital management transaction system.

Just follow these simple steps to get bonded:

  1. Apply for a DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists HERE.
  2. Submit the necessary documents. Some of these are as follows:
    • Job performance history
    • Credit report
    • Financial report

    Our expert underwriter will assess these during the pre-qualification process.

  3. Pay the bond premium.
  4. Sign the indemnity agreement.
  5. Receive your surety bond.



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"DMEPOS Surety Bond for Dentists"

DMEPOS for Dentists Infographic
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