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SURETY BOND UPDATE: Illinois Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond Amount Increase

    The motor vehicle dealer law in the State of Illinois has been relatively unchanged for quite some time. But since the 1st of January 2018, newly amended provisions of the Illinois Vehicle Code has taken effect. The changes will include a surety bond increase for new … Continued

How can a surety bond be verified?

Much has been said about the key players of a surety bond, the process of obtaining a bond, and the role a surety bond plays in a specific industry or business. However, the issuance of a surety bond is not the final stage in the … Continued

Surety Bond in Arizona: 10 Types of Businesses that Require a Surety Bond

Surety bonds are not only for contractors or individuals involved in court proceedings. When you’re entangled in the commotion of starting a new business, it’s pretty easy to ignore the need for surety bonds. Getting a surety bond is the … Continued

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Surety Bonds for Selling Pot

Many states in the U.S. have already legalized medical marijuana including Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, etc. States like California and Nevada have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use. In several marijuana-legalized states, there are commissions and organizations charged … Continued

Private School Bonds Ensure Financial Recourse For Parents and Students

Most parents take their children’s education very seriously. Education is so important that many parents purchase properties based on the proximity and reputation of the schools. Private schools are often selected because it puts a child in a safer environment, … Continued

Selling Fishing Licenses? Then You Need To Get a Surety Bond

Are you selling fishing licenses? Why would you need to get a surety bond if you are issuing or selling fishing licenses? Because the law requires it. Your state may require you to secure a fishing license bond if you … Continued

California Waste Tire Hauler Bonds: For Public Health Protection and Waste Management

In compliance with the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest System, waste tire haulers, generators, and other end-use facilities must secure valid permits when hauling tires. And to get permit approval, they need to get a waste tire hauler … Continued

Freight Forwarder Bond: Your Ultimate Guide

With the ports of Long Beach and San Pedro readily accessible and serving as a key hub for international manufacturers and domestic importers, freight forwarding is a major industry in Southern California. But before a newly established freight broker begins … Continued