FREE eBook Guide: How do you buy a Surety Bond?

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Surety Bond Authority launches its FREE eBook, “The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Surety Bonds”, available for download today. As a company that operates on trust, we strive to be transparent on how our company performs and carries out its business dealings. It is our role and commitment to educate our clients about surety bonds. Client education is something that we take seriously. We aim to make our clients understand this legal contract first before they decide to procure one.

Surety Bonds are a standard requirement in many industries and yet, it is often misunderstood. In this FREE eBook guide, we discuss the necessary information that is needed before securing a surety bond. This guide also gives a comprehensive explanation of the basics of a surety bond as well as the complexities associated with it.

The following important subjects are detailed and highlighted in this FREE eBook Guide:
The Complete Buyer's Guide to Surety Bonds FREE eBook

  • Explore the brief history and the basics of a surety bond;
  • Discover the parties involved and find out how a surety bond works;
  • Find out the difference between an Insurance and a Surety Bond;
  • Understand and differentiate the classes and types of surety bonds depending on the needs of the agreement;
  • Know the step-by-step process of procuring a surety bond;
  • Recognize the different types of collateral and know their importance in the surety industry;
  • Determine the rate and cost of getting a surety bond;
  • Learn what surety claims are and understand the claims process;
  • And determine the process involved in modifying, renewing, or canceling a surety bond.

From a surety bond’s definition and types up to the process of obtaining one and determining its cost, we have it all covered in this exclusively FREE Surety Bond eBook guide.

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We hope that you learn a lot from this Surety Bond guide and be enlightened with the concept of surety bonds. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer any of your queries.

If you’re ready to get bonded, you could avail of our FREE Surety Bond quote here!


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