Surety Bond Authority Launches Appeal Bond Service in All 50 States

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Los Angeles, CA, March 11, 2020 – Surety Bond Authority launches a brand-new addition to its list of surety bond services: Appeal Bond. This surety bond is now available in all 50 states and can be obtained using the company’s streamlined and secure surety bond application portal.

“We are pleased to include the appeal bond to the thousands of bonds that we have on our list. We have dedicated experts for this type of bond. They have studied and have extensive knowledge about dealing with the complexities of appeal bonds per state,” explains Greg Rynerson, CEO of Surety Bond Authority, Inc.

An appeal bond is a type of surety bond that a defendant posts to stop the immediate enforcement of a judgment. It is a guarantee imposed by the court to ensure that the appellant will fulfill the obligations required by the court regardless of the appeal’s outcome. An appeal bond will cover the costs incurred due to the stay of execution and the amount of the judgment.

The role of Surety Bond Authority as the surety is to ensure that the appellant will fulfill the obligations required by the court. If the appellant defaults on the bonded obligations, the surety will step in, and pay the monies due on behalf of the appellant.

“We have created a streamlined service that is specifically designed for time-sensitive bonds such as an appeal bond. There’s usually a short window period before the judgment is given to the winning party. An appeal bond must be filed within that brief timeframe. We can issue a bond in as little as 24 hours so long as the bond applicant submits all the requirements,” Greg Rynerson adds.

The requirements for appeal bonds vary per jurisdiction. Some states have higher requirements for a similar case. Most appeal bonds require collateral due to the risk involved in this type of bond.

“Appeals can take a toll on a person. We want to ease out that burden by making the process as easy as possible for the applicant,” Greg Rynerson concludes.

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