5 Most Unusual Surety Bonds That Have Ever Existed

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We are not going to lie. Surety bonds can be quite confusing sometimes.

For example, some people might have accidentally landed on our site because they typed “surety” instead of “security” on Google, and then decided to stay to find out what it’s all about. To be fair, they’re almost synonymous with one other…except that they’re not.

Here’s another thing about surety bonds that will confuse you further: the unusual surety bonds.

The highly conventional ones are the most sought after. They are the ones that you have been mandated to acquire such as the good old Construction Bonds or Court Bonds.

However, out of the thousands of surety bonds in existence, there are a few that come off as - how do we say it - unusual, odd, weird. These are the bonds that will make you scratch your head or use as a did-you-know conversation starter.

If you’re a stickler for the interestingly odd things, read some of the most unusual surety bonds that have ever existed below! You’ll never know when you might need one.


Planting Bond

In Mississippi, one cannot just plant any seed and congratulate thyself for helping save Mother Earth. You need to submit a surety bond first to cultivate non-native plants. The surety bond will be used to pay for the removal of the plant in case it turns out to be a nuisance.


Venomous Reptile Bond

Thinking of showing off your pet cottonmouth or canebrake rattlesnake to the public? Before you do that, the state of Florida will require you to submit a $10,000 surety bond. The bond will be for all those who will exhibit venomous reptiles with or without admission fees. The bond will be conditioned to cover injuries or damages caused by the venomous reptiles.


Cigarette Vending Machine Bond

Owners of cigarette vending machines in Arkansas are required to submit a surety bond before they can start their operation. The bond amount will depend on the number of vending machines that you will use. The minimum amount is $2,000, and the maximum amount is $6,000.


Marijuana Bond

Before you can start selling a bunch of Amsterdam’s finest for medical reasons, the 23 states plus Washington, D.C. will require you to submit a surety bond. The conditions and the amount will vary per state. The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use, for example, will ask dispensing organizations of low-THC to furnish a surety bond with a penal sum of $5,000,000. Marijuana retail cultivation facilities in Colorado, on the other hand, are mandated to post a surety bond that will cover two months’ worth of tax liability charges.


Dangerous Dog Bond

A dangerous dog owner in Pennsylvania will be held liable for individuals who have been injured by his or her dog through a surety bond. The $50,000 surety bond is a prerequisite for people who own a dog that has a history or tendency to attack a person or other animals without provocation, have attacked a person, been used in committing a crime, killed or severely wounded a domestic animal, or injured a person without provocation.


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"Unusual Surety Bonds"

Unusual Surety Bonds Infographic
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