Surety Bond Authority Introduces Bail Bond Services

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Los Angeles, CA, March 28, 2019 – Surety Bond Authority Inc., one of the country’s top surety bond providers, is combining an age-old practice with new technological tools to provide its clients with a fast and ethical bail bond service. The bail bond services will be added effective April 1st, 2019.

“Time is of the essence when it comes to bail bonds,” Greg Rynerson, CEO of Surety Bond Authority explains. “That’s why we’ve made our entire process faster, easier, and more convenient so that our clients can go back home to their families the soonest,” he adds.

The California-born surety bond company offers an online bail bond service that allows clients to obtain a bail bond any time of the day and from any place in the country. Those who are in need of bail bonds can simply fill out the form on the company’s website to get the process started.

Surety Bond Authority recognizes and respects the client’s right to privacy, which is why the entire bail bond process is fulfilled through the company’s secured digital transaction management service.

Bail bond is a monetary guarantee provided by the surety bond company to the court for the conditional release of a defendant. The primary purpose of a bail bond is to ensure the defendant’s attendance in all court proceedings. Surety Bond Authority offers this privilege for arrested persons who do not pose any danger to the public or is a flight risk.

“We aim to provide a significant contribution to the criminal justice system by creating a better bail bond process that will be beneficial to the society at large. That was my father’s goal when he started the business in 1969. We hold ourselves to the same standard,” said Greg Rynerson.

Surety Bond Authority understands that every situation is different, that is why they take into consideration their clients’ ability to pay. Because of this, Surety Bond Authority offers several payment options—from cash to money orders.

“We offer payment options to help our clients, but we don’t lock them up in inequitable payment plans that they can’t fulfill. Our role is to provide a solution to someone’s problem. Not create a new one,” he concludes.


About Surety Bond Authority

Surety Bond Authority, Inc. is a nationwide mid-sized surety bond company that specializes in all types of surety bonds. The company is known for its excellent service, integrity, and transparency.

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