What is an Oregon PGE Utility Bond?

Oregon PGE Utility Bond

For more than 125 years, the Portland General Electric company has consistently provided Oregon consumers with safe, dependable electric service utilizing sustainable approaches. In 2015, PGE met Oregon’s 15% renewable portfolio average prerequisite, and its two new plants — Port Westward Unit 2 and Tucannon River Wind Farm — will be instrumental in complying with its future requirements. In 2016, Oregon approved the Clean Electricity Plan, a milestone measure that positions Oregon on the course towards realizing its grand carbon- and greenhouse gas reduction objectives.

However, while it tries its best to keep consumers at the core of everything it does, as it attempts to safeguard Oregon’s natural resources, endeavors to empower a valued and engaged workforce, takes a long-term view of its operations and embarks on sustaining principled, rigorous stewardship of its company, some customers can be irresponsible and will deliberately neglect their obligations to pay. Thus, PGE needs the PGE Utility Bond.

The PGE Utility Bond shields the Portland General Electric organization from electric users who decline to meet their electricity bill obligations on time and in full. When and if a customer cannot pay his or her bill, the surety will reimburse the Portland General Electric Company for any damages up to the full bond amount.


Why do you need an Oregon PGE Utility Bond?

PGE needs the Oregon PGE Utility Bond because this is a manifestation that as a primary service provider, it is strictly for non-payment, neglect of payment, or delayed payment. The bond is likewise a demonstration that as a company, it means “business” and that it wants all its transactions to be dealt with in a professional manner.


How do I get an Oregon PGE Utility Bond?

Getting a bond is simple. However, only genuine professionals authorized to operate within the state of Oregon must be contacted. With Surety Bond Authority taking care of your business affairs, you will have the answers you need and the solution to whatever concerns you have in protecting your business.

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