Immigration Consultant Bonds: Who Needs Them And How They Work

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There is no doubt that immigration is a hot topic in the United States right now. As a smart and driven professional, you may have decided that the immigration industry could be a rewarding or lucrative business opportunity. So where do you start? To get the ball rolling, your first order of business should be securing an Immigration Consultant Bond. 

What Are These Bonds?

Any working immigration consultants in the United States are required to have an active and certified consultant bond. Without this bond, an immigration consultant cannot get the certification needed from their relevant authority in the state in which they operate. These bonds do not act as protection for the consultant; rather, they serve to protect the interests of customers seeking consultation services, safeguarding them in the event of fraud or faulty information.

In the eyes of customers seeking immigration consultant services, an immigration consultant that is properly bonded will have valid proof in the eyes of their prospective clients that their business operations can be trusted, are legitimate, and are legal.

Any certified and bonded immigration consultant will be expected to have a thorough understanding of the bonding requirements for the state in which they operate, and each state has different requirements in regards to operation and fees. In California, a person must secure a $100,000 bond from a surety bond producer and file a copy of that document with the Secretary of State.

Aside from the cost, what else is considered when it comes to obtaining an immigration consultant bond? There are a variety of factors that are considered before being approved. One’s overall finances, from credit history to assets are reviewed and considered. Are you aware of what your credit score is? Do you know what your assets total? How much experience do you have to offer as an immigration consultant? These are all things to consider before applying for a bond to save both yourself and the bonding agency time.

To be bonded, you will not be required to pay the full amount. You will only be required to pay the premium. These rates will vary from state to state and will be affected by the bond amount requested as well as the strength of one’s credit. In California, the state will not allow you to be an immigration consultant if you’ve been convicted of a felony, convicted of a disqualifying misdemeanor, or failed to disclose an arrest or conviction.

Immigration Consultant Bonds: Case Study

Stephanie Alvarez is a legal American citizen whose family still resides in Columbia. Alvarez’s husband, Edward, has been planning his move over to the United States and has requested that Stephanie does what she can in the U.S. to get his citizenship approved.

Alvarez reached out to a local Immigration Consultant who was bonded through the state to help her with her husband’s immigration status. Unfortunately, the consultant she was working with gave her faulty news about a waiting list for a state-issued guest worker permit.

No such list existed at the time, so Alvarez had no choice but to take legal action against the consultant. Thankfully the bond the consultant agency held was able to compensate Alvarez for any losses acquired, and the agency in question was forced to pay any and all fines attributed by the bond agreement.

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