What is a California Immigration Consultant Bond?

California Immigration Consultant Bond

To become an immigration consultant in California, applicants must become licensed by the Secretary of State. As a part of the licensing process, immigration consultants must first post a $100,000 California immigration consultant bond.

Who Needs a California Immigration Consultant Bond?

Immigration consultants help people navigate the laws and paperwork when they are immigrating to a new country. To become an immigration consultant in California, the professional must become licensed by the Secretary of State.

Why Do I Need a California Immigration Consultant Bond?

The California immigration consultant bond ensures that the consultant will conduct business in accordance with Chapter 19.5 of Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California. Along with other provisions, immigration consultants are prohibited from:

  • Making false statements to a client
  • Offering verbal guarantees or written guarantees that are not based on the fact
  • Implying that he or she has access to special favors from the government or U.S. Citizenship Services
  • Charging fees for a referral because the consultant cannot fulfill a particular service

If any individual or group of individuals suffers a loss due to unethical or unlawful acts by the immigration consultant, the harmed can make a claim against the immigration consultant surety bond. Once the claim has been finalized, the consultant is responsible for reimbursing the surety for all damages paid and associated legal fees.

How Much Does a California Immigration Consultant Bond Cost?

A California immigration consultant bond is required of $100,000, but the cost of the bond will vary based on the credit rating of the applicant. The immigration consultant bond is valid for two years and must be renewed to maintain the proper licensing.

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