What is a Georgia Ignition Interlock Provider Center Bond?

Help keep the roads safer through this surety bond!

Georgia Ignition Interlock Provider Center BondAn Ignition Interlock device has prevented senseless accidents and deaths for years. In fact, experts found out that the device can significantly reduce DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) by up to 90% if the device stays inside the vehicle.

Ignition Interlock-enabling states such as Georgia knows the benefit of this device, as well as those who provide it.

But before ignition interlock providers can help suppress the unfortunate occurrences, they will first need to secure a certificate to operate, as well as a surety bond.

As mentioned above, if you are applying for a certificate to operate for your Ignition Interlock Provider Center, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will ask you to furnish a surety bond.

The surety bond will help ensure that the duties of an Ignition Interlock Provider Center such as the following will be lawfully fulfilled:

  • Install a Department-approved ignition interlock device
  • Replace or fix any ignition interlock device
  • Charge the user a reasonable amount of fees for the installation, removal, or repair

The surety bond will also be conditioned to indemnify any client who has suffered damages because of the Ignition Interlock Provider Center’s barratry.

The requirement is in line with Section 43-12A-4 of the Georgia Code.


What is the Ignition Interlock Provider Center Bond amount?

The bond amount is $10,000.

Those who have excellent credit scores will be eligible to pay a very low bond premium!

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How can I get an Ignition Interlock Provider Center Bond?

STEP 1: Apply for the bond

You need to submit a bond application to us. If you’re ready to apply now, you may do so HERE!

STEP 2: Underwriting

We will ask you for a couple of important information needed for the bond. This will include your financial history, business performance history, and your credit score. An underwriter will carefully evaluate all those.

Along with your registration application form, there is a bond form that needs to be filled up. You must also obtain a copy of the Surety Bond for Ignition Interlock Provider Center form to submit to us.

STEP 3: Bond execution

Once the underwriter is done with the underwriting process, we will immediately issue the bond and send it to you!


What are the surety bond conditions?

  • The surety bond should be issued by a surety bond agent or company that is authorized to do business in Georgia
  • The surety bond should be made payable to the State of Georgia
  • The Ignition Interlock Provider Center is obligated to comply with the provisions of Title 43 Chapter 12A of the Georgia Code, the rules and regulations of the Georgia Department of Driver Services, and all the other relevant rules
  • If the Ignition Interlock Provider Center commits a valid violation, the aggrieved party will be eligible to file a claim on the surety bond

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