San Bernardino City License and Permit Bond

Before issuing the appropriate permits and licenses, San Bernardino City is implementing pre-licensing procedures. This ensures that firms or applicants will follow all city regulations. The business must first be bonded before being granted a license.

What is covered under these permits and licenses?

Before enterprises may obtain their business certificates and execute projects that impact public property, San Bernardino City requires them to obtain a number of permits and licenses.
These permits and licenses ensure that criteria are met, and that the public will be reimbursed if applicants commit any licensing violations during the project, such as damage to the public right-of-way.

Normally, the federal, state, and local governments implement these pre-licensing requirements.

License and Permit Bonds

A 'commercial bond' is another name for a License and Permit Bond. Before a business may start operating, it must first obtain and file a License and Permit bond with the City of San Bernardino.

To safeguard clients and the City of San Bernardino from financial harm, the business undertakes to operate in compliance with local laws and regulations under the bond.

License bonds protect the government and consumers by preventing businesses from engaging in fraudulent acts or performing substandard work. The specifics of the bond requirements will be determined by the business's industry. Here at Surety Bond Authority, we can help you identify necessary application requirements for the said bond. Give us a call!

How does it work?

The bond must be issued by a Tulare County-approved surety bond provider. The parties in the agreement are the Principal (business or permit applicant), Obligee (San Bernardino City), and Surety/Bond Company or Obligor (surety bond provider or insurance).

The Obligor will guarantee the compensation (performance bond) of the Obligee should the Principal fail to meet their standards or violate other licensing provisions. The Obligor will evaluate claims for validity, with claims limited to the entire penal sum agreed upon in the bond form. The Principal is responsible for reimbursing the Obligor for all expenses incurred.

Because the licensed business is required by law to reimburse all claims, including legal fees and premiums, the Obligor is protected by an indemnity agreement. This agreement must be formed before the bond is executed, and it establishes the business's responsibility for its dealings.

How much does it cost?

You will normally have to pay 0.5 percent of the total bond amount to receive a San Bernardino City License and Permit Bond.

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How can I apply for this surety bond?

Here at Surety Bond Authority, we are committed to assisting you in obtaining your bond in a timely and efficient manner. To get you started, here's a step-by-step guide.

FIRST: Application
Make sure to interact with a reliable surety provider early to acquire your licenses and permits bond. If you are ready to get yours processed today, you can APPLY HERE.

Rest assured that our knowledgeable surety bond agent will assist you from the beginning of your application to the completion of your bond.

SECOND: Assessment
Our underwriter will require the following information during the evaluation phase:

  • Credit score
  • Financial strength
  • Nature of your profession or business

Guarantee that you have gathered and given proper information when submitting your application to ensure that it is processed quickly.

THIRD: Bond Issuance
We will issue your bond and send it to you as soon as the assessment is completed. Contact us today!

San Bernardino City License and Permit Bond

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