What is a California Guide License Bond?

California guide license bond

In California, professional guides are required to be licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. This ensures that the guides are educated on the rules and regulations of the agency.

Who needs this bond?

Anyone who wishes to operate professional guide services within the State of California is required to be licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. To become licensed, the applicant must provide a completed Guide License Application, signed surety bond, Great Outdoors ID number or a copy of ID associated with the application, and an application fee.

Why do I need this Bond?

Professional guides are expected to follow the regulations of the California Department of Fish and Game. Not only does this protect the clients who are in the care of their guide, but it also protects the wildlife and land in our state. If a guide violates the regulations or fails to fulfill his or her responsibilities to the clients resulting in injury or loss, the harmed can make a claim against the surety bond up to its limits.

How much does this bond cost?

California guide license bonds are instant issue bonds, and they do not require underwriting. Each $1,000 guide license bond costs $100.

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