What is an Arizona Telephone Solicitation Bond?

Arizona telephone solicitation bond

The Arizona Telephone Solicitation Bond is an assurance that a business organization will not announce false statements and confusing notices, inaccurate assurances, or vague presentations to spur the sale of a product or service.

This bond is likewise a guarantee to the buying public that an enterprise will not make any attempt to extract income from them without offering in return anything of substantial value.

It is to ensure that companies employing telephone solicitors will comply with all the laws and regulations stipulated within the Arizona Revised Statutes.


Why do you need an Arizona Telephone Solicitation Private Bond?

You need an Arizona Telephone Solicitation Bond because you care for your customers, for your reputation, and your survival in the industry. You also want to protect your investments which might be potentially ruined all because you have employees who misrepresented your business or people who articulated inaccurate statements about your company with the hopes of closing a deal. The bond can also enhance your professional reliability and allows you to be a responsible business owner running an honorable enterprise.

The bond can make your business look decent not just to users but also to investors and potential stockholders. They will naturally want to engage themselves with someone they see as dependable and trustworthy.

The bond will provide you the image of authority and competence, making you stand out in the competition. Most important of all, it displays your willingness to abide by the rules of the state and your firm disposition to protect the public.


More details about the Arizona Telephone Solicitation Bond

This bond is a strong indicator of a company’s strict adherence to the stipulations provided within the Federal Telemarketing laws laid down by the US Department of Justice, the FCC, and the FTC. Such infringements include violations of the National “Do Not Call” Registry and misleading business practices cited in the FTC’s Telephone Sales Rule, the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the laws on impartial and reasonable advertising, and statutes concerning the protection of consumers like the Federal Trade Commission Act.


What is the cost of an Arizona Telephone Solicitation Bond?

The bond required by the government is $100,000.00. However, premium payments for this bond shall be established by the licensed surety firm after it has comprehensively assessed the qualifications and financial details of the applicant. The amount to be paid for this bond is also dependent on the applicant’s credit score and financial history.


How do I get an Arizona Telephone Solicitation Private Bond?

Obtaining a bond is an easy process. Just carefully choose the services of a genuine surety professional and give them a call ASAP! With Surety Bond Authority, you will have the answers you need and the solution to whatever concerns you have in protecting your business.


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