What is Utah Alcohol Tax Bond?

Let us guide you in acquiring an alcohol tax bond for your business! 

Utah Alcohol Tax BondEvery individual or business entity is required to apply for a permit and file a bond before starting a business that pertains to selling, manufacturing, distributing, importing, exporting, or distributing alcoholic beverages in the State of Utah. The requirement is mandated by the Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax, and Trade Bureau.

The bond is created to ensure the following:

  • That the license applicant will pay the right amount of taxes
  • That the license applicant will strictly comply with all regulatory and legal requirements of the business of selling alcoholic beverages in Utah.

The Alcohol Tax Bond is a contract between the following parties:

Principal – the person who will sell, manufacture, import, export, distribute the alcoholic beverages in Utah.

Obligee – the organization or government unit requiring the bond

Surety – the surety bond company that will act as a guarantor for the principal’s compliance with the bond conditions

The Alcohol Tax Bond is also known by other names.  This can either be unique to the state or the type of alcoholic beverage. Here are some examples:

  • Liquor Bond
  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax Bond
  • Liquor Tax Bond
  • Beverage Tax Bond
  • Brewer’s Bond
  • Distilled Spirits License Bond
  • Liquor License Bond
  • Malt Beverage License Bond
  • Wine Bond
  • Liquor Drink Tax Bond


Alcohol Tax Bond by State 

Since each state – in addition to federal laws – has the power to regulate the distribution, manufacturing, or selling of alcoholic beverages within its jurisdiction, the obligations per alcohol tax bond, and the amount will vary.

Some states have stricter alcohol tax bond requirements than others.

If you want to be further informed about the alcohol tax bond in your state, get your free surety bond quote!


How can I obtain an Alcohol Tax Bond?

You can easily get one by following these simple steps:

STEP 1: Apply for the bond

You need to fill out and submit a bond application.

STEP 2: Underwriting

We will ask you for a couple of valuable information needed for the bond. This will include your financial history, business performance history, and your credit score. An underwriter will carefully evaluate all those.

STEP 3: Bond execution

Once the underwriter is done with the underwriting process, we will immediately issue the bond and send it to you!

Do you need an Alcohol Tax Bond immediately? Apply now!

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