What is a Texas Sales Tax Bond or Continuous Bond of Seller?

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Texas Sales Tax BondIf you are applying for a sales tax permit or registration as a retailer in Texas, the Comptroller of Public Accounts, pursuant to Chapter 151 of the Texas Tax Code, will obligate you to furnish a surety bond.

The bond will serve as a guarantee that the seller or retailer will fulfill his obligations by paying the necessary taxes on time.

A seller or retailer is someone who:

  • Is in the business of selling taxable tangible items through an auction
  • Is someone categorized by the Comptroller as a seller or retailer (ex. an agent of a dealer under whom the seller operates or from whom he obtains the tangible personal property)
  • Sells more than two taxable items within a 12-month period. This includes sales on behalf of an assignee for the benefit of creditors in bankruptcy.
  • An owner of a hotel or motel that provides telecommunication services to guests
  • Solicits sales of taxable items through various means such as, but not limited to, print advertisement, television, telephone, mail, and other communication systems
  • Is under an agreement with another person in which the latter has entrusted his tangible property; and has authorized the seller or retailer to sell, lease, or have the property rented out.


How much is the bond amount?

The bond amount is a case-by-case basis determined by the Comptroller. The Comptroller will base it on the following:

  • The person’s expected amount of tax due
  • All applicable local sales and use taxes, and the necessity in case tax payment failure occurs

The maximum bond amount is $100,000 or four times the amount of the seller’s average monthly tax liability, whichever is greater.


What are the Sales Tax Bond conditions?

  • The surety bond should be approved by the Comptroller
  • The approved bond will remain valid until the surety is released
  • The surety bond company must be authorized to do business in the State of Texas
  • The principal will abide by the rules and regulations of the sales tax permit
  • The State of Texas, cities, transit authorities, counties, and special purpose districts are eligible to file a claim against the bond if the principal violates any of the conditions.


How do I obtain a Sales Tax Bond?

  • Ask for assistance from a dependable surety bond company that provides competitive fees such as Surety Bond Authority
  • Apply for the Sales Tax Bond
  • Prepare the necessary prequalification requirements. During this process, an underwriter will check your financial history, tax payment history, and credit score among others.
  • Sign an indemnity agreement
  • The surety bond company will complete the Continuous Bond of Seller (Sales Tax) Form 01-752
  • The bond will be sent to you

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