What is a Texas Public Safety Solicitor Bond?

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Texas Public Safety Solicitor BondAs part of the registration requirement, the Secretary of State, in accordance with Chapter 1803 of The Texas Occupations Code, obligates a Public Safety Solicitor to secure a surety bond.

The purpose of a Texas Public Safety Solicitor Bond is to ensure that the Public Safety Solicitor will comply with the provisions of the Code. The bond will also act as an assurance for any Code violation that may occur. If such happens, the aggrieved person will be financially compensated through the bond.

A Public Safety Solicitor is an individual employed by either a public safety publication or a public safety organization to do the following:

  • Solicit contributions through telephone, mail, or electronic media
  • Solicit membership from an individual who is not employed by a United States public safety agency, the State of Texas, or a political subdivision of the State of Texas
  • Solicits purchase of an advertisement
  • Solicits purchase of goods, services, and tickets to an event created for the benefit of the public safety organization


What is the bond amount?

The bond amount is $10,000, made payable to the State.

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What are the Public Safety Solicitor’s bond conditions?

  • The bond is created to ensure public safety through strict compliance of the Public Safety Solicitor to the provisions of Chapter 1803 Texas Occupations Code. Some examples of the violations are:
    • Use the name of the public safety organization for illegal solicitation
    • Use the public safety organization’s emblem, printed material, or device for illegal solicitation
    • Use the public safety organization’s statement, name, or symbol for illegal solicitation
    • Imply that the solicited funds will be used by the public safety organization even if it’s not
    • Misrepresentation of a peace officer, member of a public safety agency, or public safety organization
    • Falsify documents that will be filed with the Secretary of State
    • Give false claims by citing that the one being solicited will receive favored treatment by a public safety entity or public safety publication
    • Illegally collect a member’s contribution
    • Solicit outside the public safety organization’s jurisdiction
  • The state and any other aggrieved person can file a claim against the bond.
  • The bond will remain valid unless canceled. In such a case, a 90-day notice is required.


How can I obtain a Public Safety Solicitor’s Bond?

You can get one by seeking the assistance of a surety bond company such as Surety Bond Authority. We will ask you to apply for the said bond and will start with the pre-qualification process soon after.

An expert underwriter will assess your financial history, job performance history, and credit score. Once qualified, the surety bond company will execute the bond and send it to you.

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