What is a Texas Driver Education School Bond?

Understand how your Driver Education School business can get bonded and why!

Texas Driver Education School BondIf you are already licensed or are applying for a Driver Education School license in Texas, this bond is for you!

The surety bond is a requirement in line with the provisions of the Texas Education Code, Chapter 1001. The purpose of this bond is to establish qualifications, procedures, uniform curriculum, and licensing standards for driver education schools.

A driver education school is a business that aims to train and educate individuals in operating a certain class of vehicle in the best way possible.


What are the requirements for a Texas Driver Education School Bond?

  • The surety bond should be issued by a state-authorized surety bond company such as Surety Bond Authority.
  • The surety bond should be approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
  • The surety bond should be in strict compliance with the provisions of Chapter 1001 of the Texas Education Code.
  • The surety bond’s period of validity should correspond to that of the license’s period of validity.


How much is the bond amount?

The surety bond amount for the primary location of the driver education school is $10,000. If you are going to put up a branch of the same school in Texas, the bond amount will be $5,000 for each branch.

For license renewal, you can submit a Texas Driver Education School Bond Continuation Agreement. The amount will still be the same: $10,000 for the primary school, and $5,000 per branch.

The surety bond will be made payable to the Texas Departments of Licensing and Regulation to be used for refund payments due to a driving education school student.

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What are the other requirements for a Driver Education School License aside from a surety bond?

Here are some of the necessary requirements:

  • Complete the Driver Education School Application form, pay the necessary fees, and submit the required documents along with the application form.
  • The owners and instructors should possess a good reputation and character.
  • Establish clear, concise, and quality curricula and instructions for the students.
  • The school should have adequate space, materials, and equipment.
  • The driving instructors should have sufficient education and experience.
  • The school should provide each student the schedule of tuition and other fees; grading policy; rules of operation, conduct, and absences; and refund policy.
  • Issue a certificate of training to the student after the completion of training.
  • Comply with the laws of the state and federal regulations.
  • The business should be financially capable of providing the services.
  • Should not use misleading advertisements.
  • Submits the curriculum and course hour lengths to the Texas Departments of Licensing and Regulation for approval.

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