What is a South Dakota Notary Bond?

South Dakota Notary BondThe South Dakota Notary Bond is a foolproof guarantee that a notary officer will not affix his/her signature to a document if he/she has not been commissioned by the Secretary of State and that the concerned parties have not appeared before him/her.

The bond is at the same time an assurance that the notary officer will not use fictitious and misleading advertisements and collects a fee that is beyond what is authorized by the South Dakota law.  This bond also serves as protection from a notary officer who carries out notarization even when he/she is a party to the document he/she is notarizing thereby making him/her biased to the instrument for notarization.


Why do you need the South Dakota Notary Bond?

You need a South Dakota Notary Bond because you care for your name and your professions and what it stands for. You want to protect not just clients but the public in general. The bond can boost your professional integrity and will allow you to be recognized as a dependable and responsible notary public. It can also make your practice attractive to existing clients and potential customers because they will naturally want to avail themselves of the services of someone they see as trustworthy, consistent, and upright. The bond will provide you the image of authority and competence that will make you stand out in the competition.


More details about the South Dakota Notary Bond

The bond is conditioned upon selection and order by the Secretary of State and is good for a term of six (6) years from the date the notary officer is appointed. Likewise, this bond can only be used for notary officers who practice their profession within the State of South Dakota as the law prohibits them to conduct notarization anywhere outside of the state.


What is the cost of a South Dakota Notary Bond?

A South Dakota Notary Bond must be for $5,000. Premium payments will be determined by the notary officer’s credit score and financial history. Likewise, the profile of the notary public including his/her reputation as a member of the community will be strong factor in the decision of how much the premium will be for this bond.


How do I get the South Dakota Notary Bond?

Getting a South Dakota Notary Bond is simple. Be sure to contact an authentic surety bond practitioner for rapid processing and so that you will be afforded professional treatment. Choose the one who can provide you prompt and efficient service.

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