What is Pennsylvania Private Detective Bond?

Pennsylvania Private Detective BondPennsylvania requires a license to work as a private investigator. Applicants must be at least 25 years old and have three years of experience working as:

  • An employee of a detective agency
  • A law enforcement agent at a rank higher than a patrol officer

As a condition of the license, applicants are required to purchase a surety bond.

The Private Detective Bond protects clients in the event of unlawful or wrongful activities made by the private detective. The bond ensures that private detectives will conduct private investigations for a fee ethically and honestly.

A private detective business, according to The Private Detective Act, includes the business of a private detective, the business of an investigator, or the business of a watch, guard, or patrol agency.


What is the bond amount?

The bond amount is $10,000.

The cost of the bond is a percentage of the bond amount. The cost typically ranges between 1% and 5% of the bond amount, which will serve as your bond premium.


How can I get a Private Detective Bond?

To secure this type of bond, you must seek the assistance of a surety bond company.

You will be asked to apply for this bond. Find out what you need to pay for by getting your FREE quote here!

Once the application is received, the surety bond company will immediately process it. In our case, one of our expert surety bond agents will guide you through the whole process from the time you applied for the bond. We will make sure that you understand all the conditions before we issue the bond.

An underwriter will then evaluate your credit score.

Once the prequalification process is fulfilled, we will execute the bond and send it to you!

Note: In most PA counties, the District Attorney will issue your license usually after ten days from the filing date. Once you have earned your license, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that you post it evidently at your place of business. You will need to carry a pocket license card, where your county will send to you.  You can work as a private investigator for two years before you need to renew your license.


What are the bond conditions?

  • The Surety must be authorized to conduct business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • The principal (private investigator/detective) must be applying for a license to carry on a Private Detective Business under the provisions of the Act of Assembly approved August 21, 1953, referred to as “The Private Detective Act of 1953.”
  • The Principal must faithfully and honestly conduct his or her private detective business and faithfully obey all the laws of the Commonwealth relating to said business.
  • If the Principal faithfully conforms as agreed, the obligation will be null and void. Otherwise, it will remain in full force and virtue.
  • The Surety may cancel the bond upon giving 60 days’ written notice to the President Judge of the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Criminal Division.
  • The Surety’s aggregate liability will not exceed the penal sum of the bond.

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