Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond

What is the Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond?

An escrow agent is a third party that acts independently and has fiduciary responsibilities, most commonly observed in the transfer of real estate properties. The agent must maintain documents or assets until such time that all conditions of the first and second parties’ agreement are met and delivered. Following this, the agent is expected to deliver the properties withheld according to the escrow instructions. Normally, these agents are lawyers or loan officers.

With such binding legal duties, the State of Oregon mandates aspiring agents to apply for proper licensing to act as escrow agents. One requirement for the Oregon Escrow Agent Licensing is the Oregon Escrow Agent Bond which complies with the provisions of the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 696.505 to 696.590.

For more information, you may read more on the ORS 696.505 to 696.590 or their direct Escrow Agent License Application Instructions.

Why do you need an Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond?

The State of Oregon deems escrow activities involving significant sums of assets as a public concern. Also, the escrow licensing allows for the regulation of escrow transactions in the state and the observance and improvement of aligned escrow conduct among agents.

Apart from the mandatory legal compliance, securing your own licensing bond also ensures:

  • Clients are completely safe and secure under your agency
  • Your credibility is boosted in terms of financial security
  • You are able to use your full line of credit
  • The confidentiality of your activities (unless requested by legal authorities)
  • Your access to professional advice counseling from lawyers, estimators, and similar professionals.

More details about the Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond

The Oregon Escrow Agent Bond must be filed with the State of Oregon Real Estate Agency. However, those escrow agents who offer title insurance must transact with Oregon’s Division of Financial Regulation. The bond must be issued by a surety bond provider certified by the state’s Department of Insurance. The parties in the agreement are:

  • Principal (business or permittee)
  • Obligee (State of Oregon)
  • Surety/Bond Company or Obligor (surety bond provider).

How much does an Oregon Escrow Agent Bond cost?

The bond for Oregon’s Escrow Agent License is usually priced at 1% of the total bond amount. And, although the State of Oregon does not require credit checks, your surety provider will conduct their own research as part of their underwriting.

How do I obtain this bond?

At Surety Bond Authority, we are dedicated to help you get your bond the fast and easy way. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.


To secure your bond, be sure to transact with a reputable surety company early. If you are ready to get yours processed today, you can APPLY HERE. Rest assured our expert surety bond agent will guide you from the time of your application until the issuance of your bond.


  • Completed bond application form (to be provided by our trusted surety agents)
  • Bond forms (as designed and mandated by the state regulation department)
  • Financial documents (this includes your bank account statements, sources of income, balance sheets, personal and business capital, escrow accounts, etc.)
  • Other requirements as prescribed (seller’s permit, facility permit to legally conduct business, etc.)


In the assessment phase, our underwriter will need the following information:

  • Nature of your business
  • Credit Score
  • Financial strength

For the speedy processing of your application, ensure you have gathered and provided accurate information upon submission.

Bond Issuance 

Once the assessment is done, we will promptly issue your bond and send it your way. Contact us today and get your bond issued in no time.

Oregon Escrow Agent License Bond

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