What is an Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond?

Oregon alcohol tax bond

Since 1884, the state of Oregon has a far-reaching record of different rulings standardizing the business and use of alcoholic beverages.

It is the Oregon Liquor Control Commission that dominates over the sale of all refined beverages since Prohibition years. Today, besides the alcohol-related policies, there also exists the Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond for everyone’s protection and safety.

The Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond is an unassailable guarantee that the business owned by a bona fide inhabitant of Oregon, operates with painstaking precision in complying with all of Oregon’s laws concerning the sale, production, and distribution of wines and spirits.


Why do you need an Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond?

You need the Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond because you want to be viewed as a respectable business owner who knows how to look after the welfare of the consuming public.

The Alcohol Tax Bond is also known as brewer’s bonds, liquor license bonds, and wine bonds. Bonding requirements are the following: Beer only ($ 10,000.00); Beer, wine & liquor ($ 50,000.00); Brewer or Winemaker ($ 1,000.00).

Before getting bonded, be aware of the general liquor laws for retail licensees:

• The sale, service, and drinking of alcoholic beverages on the licensed premises is from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. every day.
• Licensees are only allowed to have on the licensed premises the type of alcohol that the license permits. If the license permits the sale of only beer and wine, then nobody should bring distilled spirits into the business.
• During business hours, someone must be on the licensed premises who can communicate effectively with customers and OLCC employees.

So as not to have claims against the bond, importers/wholesalers cannot engage in any of the following acts:
a) Lending money or any valuables to a vendor;
b) Putting investments, openly or incidentally, in a retail store;
c) Providing or equipping premises, edifices, bar or equipment to retailers;
d) Involvement, publicly or incidentally, in the operations of a retail liquor store.

There are two types of licenses in the Oregon liquor business –

The Liquor License when you are engaged in the selling, manufacturing, importing, or distributing alcohol in Oregon.

The Alcohol Service Permit is mainly for those who do the mixing, serving, or selling of alcohol, like waiters, bartenders, and managers.


How do I get an Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond?

Premium payments for an Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond will be determined by the applicant’s credit score and financial history. Likewise, the profile of the candidate including his/her reputation as a member of the community will be a strong factor in the decision of how much the premium will be for this bond.

Getting an Oregon Alcohol Tax Bond is effortless. Choose a certified surety professional that is authorized to operate within the state of Oregon and immediately give them a call! An expert surety professional can readily provide you the answers you need and the solution to whatever concerns you have in the operation of your business.

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