What is a New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond?

New Mexico Lost Instrument BondThe New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond is a concrete guarantee provided by an issuing entity that in the event documents with a financial value like stocks, cashier’s checks, bond certificates, real estate certificates, savings passbooks, and certificates of deposits cannot be located — subsequent to an exhaustive, systematic, cautious and conscientious search – said lost instruments will be replaced.

This bond also provides a warranty that if the original missing document surfaces, it will be given back to the surety company for appropriate clearance. In the case of checks, if the original instrument re-emerges, the principal will not be able to cash it.

With the bond, the financial institution makes sure that the bank is not financially jeopardized by paying the face amount of the check more than once.


Why do you need the New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond?

You need the New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond to protect all parties involved in your transactions from the unexpected loss or misapplication of financial instruments. The official papers placed in your trust are of a delicate nature that if they get lost or pilfered, the owners of the said instruments are assured that they will not be compromised either financially or psychologically due to the said instruments’ loss or damage.


More details about the New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond

The bond’s coverage is not applicable to instruments that have been voluntarily destroyed or ruined on purpose with the objective of revoking its legal outcomes. Also, it does not apply to instruments that have been mutilated.

The New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond is issued for one year, though there are specific instances when the obligee explicitly requests for the bond to be enforceable for several years. The bond cannot be renewed when it’s beyond its first term and cannot be invalidated or released by the surety, as the lost instrument may resurface at any given time, thereby keeping the accountability still in force in case it rematerializes.


What is the cost of a New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond?

The bond amount is determined by the financial institution that handed out the instrument. More often than not, the face value or amount of the lost instrument is multiplied by 1.5 to establish the amount of the bond premium that needs to be paid. Also, just like other types of bonds, the applicant’s credit history can be a huge factor.


How do I get a New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond?

A legitimate and professional surety agency is the most stress-free method and the most inexpensive route to getting hold of a New Mexico Lost Instrument Bond. Let proficient surety experts demonstrate to you how a professional surety company’s capable methods and well-organized practices diminish your expenditures. No more mix-ups and miscalculations. Click here to start the process NOW!

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