What is a Nevada Employee Theft Bond?

Nevada Employee Theft BondBased on fraud specialists’ pronouncements, an American enterprise loses $50 billion to employee theft alone. Further, they assessed that 7% of profits go down the drain because of employee theft. Worst, it was found out that employee theft triggered 1/3 of business insolvencies.

With this scenario, what does an astute business owner based in Nevada need? He/she needs to secure a Nevada Employee Theft Bond if he/she wants to stay long in the business, survive in the midst of competition, and not be overwhelmed by the emergence of new industry entrants.

The Nevada Employee Theft Bond protects companies from financial ruin due to employees stealing from them, using employer’s possessions without permission, and mishandling of employer’s resources. The bond likewise shields employers from employees who rip them off with their product designs and trade secrets and commit other fraudulent activities that could lead to the company’s downfall.

These usually happen when workers have access to a substantial amount of cash or valued property. The bond can likewise safeguard customers when their property is damaged due to an employee’s negligence or lack of attention.


Why you need a Nevada Employee Theft Bond?

You need the Nevada Employee Theft Bond because you want to watch over your reputation while providing the clients with your brand of service. And since you know that devious workers who pilfer your clients’ money or personal belongings can substantially destroy your business image, an employee theft bond is imperative. Additionally, if you want to have a big slice of Nevada’s clientele, this bond will boost your integrity as a business owner and will make your brand appealing to potential clients and prospective partners.


More details about the Nevada Employee Theft Bond

Before getting bonded, a criminal background check is necessary entailing both criminal and driving records. Expectedly, a prior record will most likely mean paying a higher bond premium.


What is the cost of a Nevada Employee Theft Bond?

The amount of the Nevada Employee Theft Bond premium will depend greatly on your credit score and business financial history. Premiums are not expensive; however, if you have a low credit score or a problematic financial history, you may be required to pay more.


How do I get a Nevada Employee Theft  Bond?

Getting a bond is easy and fast. So as not to waste precious time and effort, contact only genuine professionals. Give Surety Bond Authority specialists a call! With Surety Bond Authority taking care of your business affairs, you will have the answers you need and the solution to the concerns you with regards to protecting your business and your clients.

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