Janitorial Service Bond: A Closer Look

janitorial service bondIf you own a janitorial or housekeeping business where your employees enter client homes and businesses to do work, then having a janitorial service bond offers protection to your clients in case an employee steals money or property while they are there for work. You may also hear these bonds referred to as maid surety bonds, housekeeper surety bonds, or residential cleaning surety bonds.


Am I required to purchase this type of bond?

Businesses are not required to obtain a janitorial service bond. However, it is a good idea to get one if you will be hiring employees to so working inside of a client’s home or business. If you are the one doing the work yourself, then a bond wouldn’t be necessary.


What are the benefits of getting a janitorial service bond?

Clients always feel more confident in working with a business that provides surety bonds to its employees, especially when those employees will be working inside of their home. If you are a bonded company and include that in your marketing materials, social media accounts, and business cards, you will find more people who are willing to hire your company because a bond is a guarantee that they will be protected from loss or theft.


What is the cost of a janitorial service bond?

The cost of a bond will vary depending on your needs as well as the amount of the bond coverage. For a fast, free quote, you can speak with one of our licensed, professional bond agents today. We will work quickly to get your paperwork together for your bond and guide you through each step.


How does the bond work?

For janitorial service bonds, if one of your employees steals from a client while they are working inside the home or business, then the client will be able to file a claim against the bond. The surety company will pay for the client’s loss up to the amount of the bond if it is determined to be a legitimate claim. You will then be responsible for reimbursing the surety company for that payout. This protects your business from a lawsuit from a client.

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