What is an Idaho Money Transmitter Bond?

Idaho Money Transmitter BondThe current spate in the number of money transfer firms stems from a variety of developments, including rising demand from global travelers. Along with this development, innovative technologies have permitted smaller firms and new entrants to defy the industry’s conventionally-high cost, inadequate distribution techniques, and limited payment structures.

As companies initiate different strategies to vie for consumers’ attention, posting a surety bond emerges as a common technique employed by most of these companies to gain customers’ trust and the confidence of the state – the Money Transmitter Bond.

The Idaho Money Transmitter Bond is a dependable and fool-proof guarantee aimed at protecting all consumers and the state. It is a commitment that in the operations of money transmission, a licensed money transmitter will rigorously meet all the terms contained in the money conveyance trade registration requisites contained in the money transmitter laws and observe the provisions laid down within the Idaho Money Transmitters Act. If and when appropriate transmission of money has not been complied with, the party whose money was mismanaged, misused or botched, will be compensated through the Idaho Money Transmitter Bond.


Why do you need an Idaho Money Transmitter Bond?

The Idaho Transmitter Bond is tremendously indispensable if you want to be recognized as a money transmitter of reliability and uprightness. As you are a business engaged in the trade of funds transfer, it is vital that your clients and other stakeholders involved know that you are operating your business in accordance with the state’s money transmission laws and all other regulations applicable to the industry of money transfer. This will give your clients peace of mind that could be translated into lasting trust and confidence for your business.


More details about the Idaho Money Transmitter Bond

Before getting the Idaho Transmitter Bond, you must make out all Idaho localities where your business may be based and operated. This should take into account the naming of company-owned outlets plus any agents and authorized couriers.


How much does an Idaho Money Transmitter Bond cost?

The minimum amount of the bond is $10,000 must be delivered to the Idaho Department of Finance. If you offer to conduct business at more than one (1) site, whether using authorized representatives or otherwise, a $5,000 increase will be added to the bond amount per location, and up to a maximum of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000).

The Idaho Transmitter Bond premium amounts vary and are significantly reliant on your individual financial strength demonstrated by your credit score. Due to the risks involved in this transaction, the actual rate of the bond premium is higher than most surety bonds.


How do I get an Idaho Money Transmitter Bond?

Obtaining the Idaho Transmitter Bond is trouble-free. Once required documents have been submitted and inquiries answered, the surety bond company will conduct a preliminary assessment. Based on the outcomes of the appraisal, your money transmitter bond application will either be approved or you will be requested to present additional documentation to aid the underwriting process.

So as not to waste time and effort, contact only legitimate practitioners in the field of surety. Give us a call now!

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