What is a Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond?

Hawaii MMA Promoter BondIn the face of Mixed Martial Art’s escalating fame, the sport is still not a lawfully regulated spectator sport in all states across the country. Rigid ideas incessantly beleaguer this sports activity that it is a dangerous, gory, sadistic, puffed up bar fight with no regulations or abilities required. These mindsets have triggered legislators and policymakers and important members of the public all over the country to look at the sport as a political recluse that must be disregarded or, in some cases, forbidden altogether. With the insufficient presence of regulation, the MMA Promoter Bond becomes imperative.

The Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond is a pledge guaranteeing that a) all participating boxers/martial artists are of permissible age (18 or older) at the time of the sports event, b) that you as a promoter have secured all appropriate licenses, c) you are or have been consistently paying all engaged personnel (cornermen, doctors, timekeepers, fighters, referees, inspectors, scorecard judges), and d) maintains a suitable venue for each match as mandated by the statutes in the State of Hawaii.


Why do you need a Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond?

You need the Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond because you want people to be comfortable doing business with you. You need the bond to demonstrate your professionalism as a sports promoter and as someone who understands his/her responsibilities to the public at large and the government.


More details about the Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond

Before getting the Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond from a reputable surety agency authorized to operate in Hawaii, you must submit yourself to a credit check, have your application accepted, and went through other screening processes.

After getting bonded, you can now apply for the Hawaii Mixed Martial Arts Promoter license that will allow you to legitimately conduct and sponsor MMA matches within the state of Hawaii. Before you can be fully licensed though, the following requisites need to be complied with – a) resident status confirmation, b) credit report, c) bank statements (at least three months), and d) fingerprinting at a local police station.

There are additional licensure requisites provided by law. The licensing authority likewise demands by rule that you provide the following: (1) for applicants who carry a partnership business, every general partner must confirm that each partner is beyond the age of majority; (2) substantiation that the applicant is knowledgeable, truthful, fair, and has financial reliability; and (3) confirmation that the applicant has satisfied all applicable business registration requirements before applying for licensure.


What is the cost of a Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond?

The Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond amount is $10,000. Premium payment amounts will depend on financial standing, previous business performance, and whether or not the applicant has been convicted of crimes in the past.


How do I get a Hawaii MMA Promoter Bond?

Getting a bond is simple. Be sure to get in touch with genuine professionals only. Give Surety Bond Authority specialists a call now! With Surety Bond Authority taking care of your business affairs, you will have the answers you need and the solution to whatever concerns you have in protecting your business.

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