Trinity County Cannabis/Marijuana Surety Bond

What is a Trinity County Cannabis/Marijuana Surety Bond?

Accordingly, a Trinity County cannabis bond is required from all cultivation operators. An applicant must also file a Trinity County commercial cannabis cultivation tax bond in the amount of fifty cents per square foot of Cannabis cumulative land under cultivation, but not less than $5,000, in addition to complying with the California cannabis bond statutes.

How much does this Surety Bond Cost?

The bond cost is a percentage of the bond amount that ranges between 1%-5%. The bond cost is called the “Bond Premium” and this is the amount that you have to pay for. Usually, the price is $250 or less.

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How can you obtain a Trinity County Cannabis/Marijuana Surety Bond?

Below is a breakdown of the steps on how to secure this surety bond. But if you prefer, one of our licensed, expert surety bond agents can always guide you throughout the process. Just contact us anytime.

Step 1: Search for an authorized surety bond agency that issues a Trinity County cannabis bond.

Step 2: Apply for this surety bond by submitting an application. You may apply for this bond now HERE.

Step 3: We'll need a few pieces of information from you that are needed for the bond.  This will include your credit score, financial history, and business performance history. All of these will be carefully evaluated by an underwriter.

Step 4: Once the underwriter is done with the underwriting process, we will immediately issue the bond to you!

If you need more information on how to secure a Trinity County Cannabis/Marijuana Surety Bond, one of our expert and experienced surety bond agents will guide you through the whole process. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Trinity County Cannabis Bond Form

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