What is a California Insurance Adjuster Bond?

California Insurance Adjuster Bond

To become an insurance adjustor in California, the California Producer Licensing Bureau requires a surety bond to obtain proper licensing.

Who Needs a California Insurance Adjuster Bond?

In the State of California, there are two types of insurance adjustors: public adjustors and private adjustors. The California Producer Licensing Bureau oversees insurance adjusters and requires a California insurance adjuster bond to become licensed in the state.

Why Do I Need a California Insurance Adjuster Bond?

California insurance adjuster bonds ensure that the principal will adhere to all state laws and regulations defined by the California Producer Licensing Bureau. Any licensed insurance adjusters who fail to conduct business honestly, ethically, and in compliance with the law and cause personal or financial loss to another can have a claim filed against the surety bond. Once the claim has been completed, the adjuster is responsible for reimbursing the surety for all damages paid out and associated legal fees.

How Much Does a California Insurance Adjuster Bond Cost?

Most often, California insurance adjuster bonds can be purchased for a flat rate and without a credit check.

  • A $20,000 public insurance adjuster bond can be purchased for $200.
  • A $2,000 private insurance adjuster bond can be purchased for $100.

Get Started Today!

To become a private or public insurance adjuster, you must first purchase an insurance adjuster bond. Don’t delay your application.

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