What is a California Grading Bond?

California grading bond

In civil engineering and landscape architectural construction (among other related fields), grading involves ensuring a level base or a specified slope for construction work. Each city and county have important rules, regulations, and codes that must be followed.

Who Needs a California Grading Bond?

Anyone who is involved with grading projects must obtain a California grading bond before being licensed. This may include civil engineers, architects, and land grading professionals.

Why Do I Need a California Grading Bond?

The laws, codes, rules, and regulations of each city and county vary considerably, and the grading bond ensures that the professional will understand and adhere to each of those laws. If the professional fails to comply with these regulations and an injury or financial loss results, a claim can be filed against the surety bond up to the amount of the bond.

How Much Does a California Grading Bond Cost?

Unlike most surety bonds, grading bonds are required by a particular city or county, as opposed to the state. This bond results in a wide range of requirements for the surety bond and quotes must be tailored on a case-by-case basis.

Some grading bonds are based solely on underwriting, while others require additional information such as company financials and project description.

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To perform grading work in California, you must first purchase a grading bond for the city or county in which you are working. Don’t delay your project.

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