What is a California Bond of a Bail Agent?

California Bond of a Bail AgentA California bond of a bail agent, also known as a bail agent bond, is a license and permit bond that’s required by the California Department of Insurance before being licensed as a bail bondsman, bail bond agent, or bond dealer.

Who Needs a California Bond of a Bail Agent?

A bail agent acts as a middle man between the court system and an individual who has been charged with a crime. The bail agent posts the bail money to the court for a person to be released from jail. The bail payment ensures that the charged individual will appear before the court for his or her next court appearance. In exchange for the bail payment, the individual facing the charges (or someone acting on that person’s behalf) must establish a surety bond with the bail agent, pledging to repay the debt if the individual does not make his or her court appearance.

To conduct business as a bail agent, the professional must receive licensing from the California Department of Insurance. To obtain licensing, he or she must acquire a California bond of bail agent.

Why Do I Need a California Bond of a Bail Agent?

The California bond of a bail agent is designed to protect individuals and businesses from unethical and illegal acts performed by bail agents. If the agent breaks any of the state and local laws that regulate this type of business, the individual or company that has suffered a loss can make a claim against the bail agent bond up to the full bond amount. In that case, the principal becomes responsible for reimbursing the surety for all damages and legal fees paid out.

Among other regulations, bail agents are prohibited from the following actions:

  • Bribing a judge or other court official
  • Operating without proper licensing
  • Engaging in fraudulent or deceptive business practices
  • Failing to prominently display the bail agent license in his or her office

For more information on applying to become a bail agent, visit the California Department of Insurance.

How Much Does a California Bond of a Bail Agent Cost?

The California Producer Licensing Bureau (a subset of the California Department of Insurance) requires all bail agents to carry a bond of $1,000 and fill the form LIC 437-9, executed by a California authorized surety company, and signed by the principal.

However, the rates and premiums related to the bond are dependent on several factors, including the applicant’s credit rating. The surety underwriter will evaluate the applicant's financial capacity.

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