California Bail Solicitor Bond

A quick guide to one of the most important requirements for bail solicitors!

What is a California Bail Solicitor Bond?

Every bail solicitor in California – who is appointed by a bail licensee – is required to obtain a license prior to transacting bail on behalf of the bail licensee. One of the requirements for the said license is this bond.

This bond will serve as an assurance to the Insurance Commissioner of the State of California that the bail solicitor will perform his or her duties in accordance with the conditions of the license.

One of the conditions of the said license is to obey the provisions of Chapter 7 of Part 2 of Division 1 of the California Insurance Code, and to the provisions of Chapter 2 of Title 14 of Part 2 of the California Code of Civil Procedure.

This bond shall be submitted along with the appointment of a bail solicitor executed by the bail licensee (bail agent licensee or bail permittee licensee). The appointment of the bail solicitor must show that the bail licensee has employed the bail solicitor to transact bail.

This requirement is in line with Section 1803 of the California Insurance Code.

How does a California Bail Solicitor Bond work?

A bond is a legal document in which the third party (Surety) assures the second party (Obligee) regarding the fulfillment of the first party’s (Principal) obligations.

The Obligee is the State of California. The Obligee is the party to whom the Surety and the Principal will be indebted. The Principal is the bail solicitor. If the bail solicitor fails to perform his or her legal duties or has committed misconduct, the Obligee will be eligible to file a claim.

The claim is for the benefit of any person who has suffered damages because of the Principal’s violations. The Surety will settle it on behalf of the Principal if the latter failed to do so. Under the terms of the indemnity agreement, full reimbursement must be made by the Principal.

How much does a California Bail Solicitor Bond cost?

The bond premium is $100. The bond amount is $1,000.

Even those with low credit scores may be eligible to get this bond. Know more by calling us.


How can I get a California Bail Solicitor Bond?

APPLY FOR THIS BOND HERE! Once we have received your application, we will inform you about the important information or documents that you must submit in order to move forward to the next step of the bonding process, which is underwriting.

During the underwriting process, our expert underwriter will assess the following:

  • Your financial capability
  • Your business or job performance history
  • Your credit score

Our expert underwriter will check everything that you have submitted. Once you’ve signed the indemnity agreement, we will immediately issue the bond send and it to you!

Ready to apply? START HERE!

California Bail Solicitor Bond

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