What is an Arizona Private Investigator Bond?

Arizona private investigator bond

An Arizona Private Investigator Bond is that kind of surety bond that must be obtained from any person or agency that can carry out activities as a private investigator any place within the state of Arizona. This specific license and permit bond safeguard customers from dishonest acts committed by private investigators. It likewise supports local edicts and state laws that have been ratified expressly to cover public safety concerns.

This bond also guarantees that the private investigator will not take on any deceitful activity, commit misrepresentation or masquerade as a police force officer while carrying out his/her tasks. The Arizona private investigator surety bond protects anyone as an outcome of illegal or dishonorable actions done by the private investigator or private investigation agency.


Why do you need a Private Investigator Bond?

Having a Private Investigator Bond will render you as a business person of integrity and competence. You are fundamentally showing your clients that you are capable of providing services in a principled and proficient manner. This is exceedingly vital in enhancing your reputation as a business owner and can automatically boost your image within the industry. As a result, clients are confident in availing of your services. If a substantiated claim is made, your customers can get monetary reparation.


More details about the Private Investigator Bond

It is against the law for any Private Investigator to work within the territorial jurisdiction of Arizona without an Arizona registration permit. Unless you fall under one of the exclusions in the Private Investigator Exemptions (ARS §32-2409), offering private investigation services without a license is viewed as a Class 1 offense. Also, an infringement in any of these directives bars you from getting a license and registration certificate in the future.


What is the cost of a Private Investigator Bond?

The fee you’ll need to think of for your Arizona Private Investigator Bond is founded on a fraction of the full amount of your bond. Most people with an excellent credit score (over 700) can obtain their bond at a rate of 1% or less. If your credit is not that good, you are expected to pay a higher rate.

The Arizona private investigator bond amounts have been established by Arizona state law, which signifies that they are not discretionary, they are mandatory.  To carry out activities and any work as a private investigator without getting an Arizona private investigator bond is not sensible.


How do I get a Private Investigator Bond?

You can quickly obtain a private investigator bond via Surety Bond Authority professionals. Just give us a call. Our surety experts will provide you with easy-to-understand answers, will help you resolve whatever concerns you have, and will patiently walk you through the entire process.

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