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Surety Bond vs Letter of Credit

Which is the BETTER option for contractors? To manage risks in construction projects, surety bonds and letters of credit (LOC) are used to ensure financial compensation in case of default or failure to fulfill contractual obligations. However, surety bonds have … Continued

Surety Bond Authority Announces Available Nevada Surety Bonds for the State’s Diverse Markets

California-based surety bond company extends its surety bond services to the Silver State. Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2017 – Surety Bond Authority, Inc. widens its surety bond availability as it now reaches Nevada’s contractors, businesses, and residents. The company’s … Continued

What is a Surety Bond: Parties, Types, Requirements

A surety bond is part credit, part insurance that serves as a guarantee to ensure the fulfillment of obligations as specified in a legally-binding contract.   Who are the people involved in a surety bond? A surety bond consists of … Continued

Tips on Selecting a Surety Bond Company for Your California Business

While surety bonds are now becoming the core requirement before conducting business in California, choosing a surety bond provider can get confusing. Here are some tips to help you get started. If you created a business in California, it might … Continued

Surety Bond Authority, Inc. Brings Its Surety Bond Services to Oregon

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LOS ANGELES – April 11, 2017 — Surety Bond Authority, Inc. a leading surety bond company based in California, is now bringing its surety bonds and surety bond consulting services to the State of Oregon. The company will be providing clients … Continued

Your Guide to Freight Forwarding Bonds

With the ports of Long Beach and San Pedro readily accessible and serving as a key hub for international manufacturers and domestic importers, freight forwarding is a major industry in Southern California. But before a newly established freight broker begins … Continued