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Cancel a Surety Bond

State laws have been enacted in recent years which restrict Principals from effecting cancellation or nonrenewal except under specified circumstances. Providing the Surety a written notice that reasons the need for cancellation is helpful for determining if we are allowed … Continued

Surety Bond vs Letter of Credit

Surety Bond vs LOC: Which is the BETTER option for contractors? To manage risks in construction projects, surety bonds, and letters of credit (LOC) are used to ensure financial compensation in case of default or failure to fulfill contractual obligations. … Continued

The Surety Underwriting Process: What You Need To Know

In the process of obtaining surety bonds, you may come across the underwriting process. This process is quite intimidating, especially to new surety bond applicants. Here, we provide a brief overview of how surety bond underwriters identify risks, understand terms … Continued

Tips on Selecting a Surety Bond Company for Your California Business

While surety bonds are now becoming the core requirement before conducting business in California, choosing a Surety Bond Company in California can get confusing. Here are some tips to help you get started. If you created a business in California, … Continued

Surety Bond Authority Launches Accessible and Affordable Surety Bonds in Utah

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California-based Surety Bond Company now offers accessible surety bonds at the most affordable rates in the Beehive State. Los Angeles, CA, June 16, 2017 — Surety Bond Authority, Inc., a leading surety bond provider, announces its surety bond programs for … Continued

Surety Bond Authority Launches Surety Bond Services in Alaska

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Surety Bond Services are now available in Alaska with Surety Bond Authority California-based surety bond provider is now offering its surety bond services to the State of the Last Frontier. Los Angeles, CA, May 30, 2017 – Surety Bond Authority, … Continued

5 Most Unusual Surety Bonds That Have Ever Existed

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We are not going to lie. Surety bonds can be quite confusing sometimes. For example, some people might have accidentally landed on our site because they typed “surety” instead of “security” on Google, and then decided to stay to find … Continued

Surety Bond Authority Roundup for the Construction Industry

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What Happens When a Contractor Fails to Meet the Obligation? Here’s our latest Surety Bond Industry Round-up, which is a monthly series where we examine current events in the surety bond industry.  This month, we curated industry-related news that detail … Continued